Tuesday, May 19

Past Works

From top to bottom:
Self-Portrait entitled, "Sassy," colored pencil & chalk pastels, 18x24
Portrait of a friend's brother, "Untitled," colored pencil, 18x24
"Apostle David I Burnett," colored pencil, 18x24
Self-Portrait entitled, "A drop of me in every Reflection," pencil, 18x24.

More coming soon!

Backgroud History & Statement of Purpose

            As founder of Faith & Company, my goal is to provide quality services in the hopes of touching the lives of others while impacting the world around me through the visual arts. 

            I began my artistic career in the visual arts, early in life.  As I recall, it was one of my much older brothers that drew my giftings to its surface.  One day, after he had drawn a portrait of myself, I in return, decided to mimic what he had done by drawing a portrait of him.  From that day forward, it was my mother who caught the vision and encouraged my elementary teachers to work with me as my skills for the fine arts grew.  I accredit Carmen Bayard, Irene Maskaly, Mary Anne Morgan, and Sharon Crosthwait for my growth and development in the arts throughout elementary and high school.

            Since, I have worked with numerous fine art instructors in creating a strong portfolio in which I am quite proud of. 

            In 2007, in enrolled with The University of the Arts to study industrial design.  I had found of love for planning, blueprinting, and building.  However, shortly after my interests in music and dance became overwhelming and compelled me into theater.  Now, in 2009, I am continuing my studies, at the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts, within The University of the Arts, in playwriting and directing.

             I have had the honor of working with numerous prestigious faculty members:  Amy Feinberg, director of productions such as, Melanie Marnich’s Quake, Ellis Island Stories (by Amy Feinberg and Kevin Cornelius), and There or Here by Ruth McCann (upon other achievements), actor/director Johnnie Hobbs Jr, who is well known for his work with the Freedom Theater in North Philly(upon other achievements), Gene Terruso, past artistic director of Provincetown Playhouse (upon other achievements) and many, many other recognized faces in theater. 

            As the scripture discloses, according to Matthew 15:14-30, I often wondered about the many giftings I felt the Lord had placed in my heart and their impact on the world around me.  As the story goes (in reference to talents being a measure of finances) he who did nothing with his talent was punished, whereas he who invested his talents gained a great reward. 

            It has been my belief that if “you don’t use it, you loose it.”  Thus, my goal ever since has been to utilize all my gifts, with the belief that through “using,” I will not only impact those around me but also bring myself into a place of increase.  I hope that by rendering my gifts to the public I will be able to be blessing.


                                                                                   Owner & Founder

                                                                                     -Roslynn Renee Johnson